Book Review: Why Facebook Marketing is #1

Digital marketing involves marketing your product, services or brand online and it has replaced the old traditional type of marketing with the evolution of the internet.

There are so many forms of digital marketing and they include email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and so on. Social media marketing is one of the main sources of digital marketing with the number of people that are involved in the various social media platforms daily.

In this article, we are going to review a book title “Why Social Media Platform is #1” which is available on the Amazon store.

The book provides statistics on Facebook that will convince you why you should consider Facebook as your number one marketing platform. The book also explains how you can start a Facebook marketing campaign and get the best out of Facebook.

Get Why Facebook Marketing is #1 and get the best out of Facebook today.

Is Freelancing For Everyone

It seems everyone wants to be a freelancer; everyone wants a little piece of that dream of making money online.

I have seen so many books, articles, and seminars on how you can become free and make money online as a freelancer. The question that most people fail to ask and answer is can I make money online as a freelancer?

The truth is that anyone can make money online, but not everyone makes money online. So before you quit your job or decide to focus on career online, ensure you know all that it takes to make money online.

How I Started Online I will not come here and tell you a rosy story that I am a successful freelancer, but I have progressed over the years.

Like most other freelancers, that saw it as a way to make ends meet; it has become a career. And this is the plain truth; most successful freelancers are not freelancer by choice but by necessity.

They had the skills and passion for what they are doing and used it to earn some money by the way. Either they started freelancin…

The man Atiku VS The Man Buhari as Election Approaches

In respect to the just concluded primaries across Nigeria, we have seen all the presidential candidates of various political parties. But we all know who the two front-runners are in the sphere of politics in this country.When it comes to political parties and the personalities involved in the presidential race, no one can deny that the battle is between the incumbent, Mohammed Buhari of APC and Abubakar Atiku of PDP

These two can be regarded as serial contestants for the presidency of this country and permit me to say, both hold a record of the number of times anyone has contested for the seat of president in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, every election posses a different scenario that may give any man advantage over another, just like the scenario of 2015 presented Buhari the opportunity to defeat Goodluck Jonathan.
Fast forward to 2018 and the ball game is a lot different and a new hero and Villan had presented themselves to Nigerians. Let's first take a look at 2015, both Atiku and B…

Thinking of Buying Cheap Smartphone: Thinks Again

Smartphone has become a necessity for our everyday life, and we have an influx of cheap smartphones in the market. But if you are thinking of buying a cheap Smartphone, then I will advise you to think again.
There are so much we can do with a Smartphone in our everyday life as we do so much from taking pictures, recording videos, banking, shopping and so much more. So there is a lot to consider when you are planning to buy a Smartphone.

There are influxes of cheap smartphones in the market, and this is a good thing as those who cannot afford such expensive smartphones like iPhones and Samsung, then you can get one of these cheap smartphones and stay connected.

However, there are some things you have to consider before you decide on buying cheap Smartphone:

1. Camera Quality
You will notice that most of the cheaper Smartphone you will find in the market have bad camera quality. Imagine using one of these smartphones with bad quality; you will be ashamed to post pictures on your social m…

Free Ebook on Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with over a billion registered Facebook members and over a million daily active users and one of the best platforms for online marketing.

As an online marketer, you cannot ignore this huge figure as you can easily reach out to billions of people. With Facebook, you have features that you can use to target a specific audience that will be interested in your products.

This eBook will give you an insight into using Facebook for your online marketing and makes you appreciate the importance of the platform.

You can download this eBook for free here

How to Watch Free Television Online

How would you like to watch your favorite TV show, series, latest movies and your favorite live sports events free online? You do not have to pay cable fee or worry about your cable subscription as you can watch and follow your favorite program anytime you like online. There are so many platforms available online that ensure you watch free television online and if you are sports enthusiasts, you can follow live sporting events like the champion league, live boxing match, WWE wrestling matches and so much more.

You can also watch free television online of your favorite Television series, shows and news anytime you are available online.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can watch free television online and they include:

Mobdro Free Television
Mobdro is an online application where you can watch free television on your smartphones. You may not find this application in your regular play store or Apple store. You will have to go to Mobdro home website or search for download …

Writing a Comprehensive Business Plan

A business plan is essential to running a successful business, and it involved more than just writing a business plan, but a comprehensive plan. A well thought business plan would consist of how to start the business, how to run the business and how to sustain the business. Thus in writing a business plan, you have to plan with what you have, forecast on what you will make in short and long term and how you will use the forecasted recourses to sustain and run the business.

In this article, we are going to highlight what you will need to write a comprehensive business plan. A good business plan should consist of the following:

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Reasons Your Business Need A Website

The purpose and intention of the business
Before venturing into any business, you must have a purpose as well as the intention of setting up that business. In drawing a plan for your business, the first thing to write down is the objective and intention of your business. What pur…

Simple Forex Daily Breakout Strategy

There are many reasons why I would advise anyone to trade forex using the daily timeframe, but first, you have to find a suitable forex trading method.

The following reasons are why you should consider trading forex using the daily timeframe:

• With the daily timeframe, you reduce the risk of overtrading; because you are focused just on the daily candle and you trade only once a day.
• You get to go with the trend and increase your potential of hitting your target.
• You get to trade your method consistently.
• There is a reduction in noise in trading with the higher timeframe such as a daily candle. With the higher timeframe, false signals are reduced with the higher timeframe.

Now, that we have listed some of the benefits of trading with the daily timeframe, the next challenge is looking for a trading plan. Now I will want you to look at an empty daily timeframe without any indicators. I am sure you will notice a pattern of candle breaking the daily high or low of the previous day.…