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Getting a degree is no longer sufficient to secure a job

Once upon a time, the standard pathway the majority population believes in was to go to college, get the degree, then you will get a good job. Now a days, that is no longer the valid case, I believe the current meta is to have at least market average education level (higher recommended), plus decent relevant work experience in the field where you picture your career belongs. The market average education level has been increasing over time, the typical high degree 10 years ago was a bachelor degree, but now a master degree is more like it. Let's face it, what we learn from university is not all we need to do our job. Speaking from personal experience, things I learned from my education probably only constitutes 20% of what I use on my job, perhaps even less than that, everything else I had to learn on the job and on my own time. More and more organizations are tend to hire people they can use without too much training. Thus why relevant work experience during your studies is e…