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The Gift Of Problems

I was sitting at my desk the other day pondering a pesky problem that I've been having. And frankly, it was all I could do to keep from letting negative thinking about it overwhelm me. When I went to check my email, my weekly message from my long-time friend Phil Humbert was in my box. The subject line of his email? The Gift of Problems. How timely and what a great piece that Phil wrote (he puts out some great writing and always has!). I contacted him right away and told him I wanted to share it with you. He graciously gave me permission so here it is in its original and uncut version: "When we're stuck or frustrated, I don't suppose anybody really likes problems. But problems are the source of wealth, fame, power, progress and most of the good things in life. Without problems, I fear we might still be living in caves. Thank goodness for the gift of problems! Do I really mean that? Yes, I do! But do I really feel that way all the time? No. I find it especially …