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Destruction Is A Fast Process

I was on my way to church on a Sunday earlier this year when i ran into a commotion. The area was covered with ash laden smoke and the street full of people, some running away from the fire, some running towards it and some just staring, observing what is happening.

On a closer look, I saw a building was on fire, the whole story building was ablaze and was almost engulfing buildings close by.

As I gaped at the burning building , while others were trying to fight the fire pending arrival of the fire service, I was just pondering on how fast the destruction of a story building that took so much time to build was just razed in just a little time.

And that is how process of destruction move so fast, it takes time and much efforts to build but little time and less effort to destroy. A reputation, career, health or lifestyle can be destroyed in less time and effort it takes building them and in most cases these destruction are brought by our actions.

We have seen cases high profile people …

Uefa Team Of 2015

UEFA named its Team Of The Year and as usual the two Spanish Giants Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate the starting XI - without any surprise no player from the Premier League has been included in the Starting XI for 2015 even Eden Hazard was left out;what will Zidane think now.

Barcelona has 4 players in the team,Real Madrid manage to get 3 players including Ballon D'or Contender Christiano Ronaldo,Paul Pogba from Juventus made it for the first time in his young career and Bayern Munich stars completed the line-up with Manuel Neuer in goals and David Alaba at left-back.

Shockingly Luis Suarez were left out from the Starting XI and manage only a place in the Substitutes.
Alexis Sanchez was also no where to be seen even after his outstanding performance for Arsenal and winning the Copa America with Chile.Bizarre decision by UEFA to include James Rodriguez in place of Alexis.


Arsenal Second To Barca As Best Team In 2015

In 2015 Arsenal are only beaten by barcelonia as the team with the highest point of 2015 in the top 4 European league. While in English top four league Arsenal has the highest point in 2015 beating the EPL winner Chealsea by 9 points. With this kind of performance Arsenal fan would be wondering why it has not be managed properly to see the team win the EPL