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Messi's Self Centered Move To Quit Argentina

Messi has lost his fourth final for Argentina national team after their lost to Chile in a penalty shootout at the Copa America final played in United State. This is a very agonizing for any player and for a player with Messi’s statue, a national team honor will surely be a icing in the cake in standing shoulders to shoulders with the greats in the world, the likes of Pele, Madonna, Zidane, Ronaldo (Brazil), Rivaldo, who have helped their national side to glory and are immortalized in the heart of the fans of their nation.

No doubt, Messi’s legendary statue is in place and no one can take that away for him but I think him calling it quit on the international scene is kind of selfish of Messi. It’s like he considers the hurt he feels alone and not that of the fans. And the timing proves it right; he just felt that he can’t win anything with Argentina, so why continue?

Messi still have years in him to play good football and not providing that service to his nation is selfish of him. Th…